Thursday, February 19, 2009

just because

I've always wanted to make a mosaic.

My creation

random observation: I just noticed that Sofi and I wear a lot of purple!

Monday, February 16, 2009

project 365: week 2

Quick page by Shabby Miss Jenn
Papers and elements, Bohemian Traveler by SMJ
Camera, Photogenic by Paislee Press

Here's a quickie page I made for week 2 of Project 365.

I'll be updating my pics soon!

Thursday, February 12, 2009



Photo action: PW's B/W Beauty

It snowed! I held my camera at ground level to shoot this and hoped for the best. Love the snow and the length of the blades of grass of our unmowed lawn.


Photo action: PW's Seventies

I ordered a custom-made hand-carved rubber stamp of myself holding a camera with my name on it from Craftpudding's Etsy shop. I love it! I asked Sofi to "model" it for me.


Photo action: PW's Seventies and B/W Beauty

Sofi and her best friend Hyunjin had a quickie playdate at the park after pre-school - it was sunny and about 46 degrees. I used my 52 mm lens.


You might not tell what this is, but is three pre-school friends holding handing during circle time. They all wanted to hold each other's hands. This was the only possible configuration. LOL

Monday, February 9, 2009

39/365: Thump, Quack Moo

After a trip to the library after lunch at Baja Fresh, Jamie sat down to read one of Sofi's finds: Thump, Quack, Moo - a book that made Jamie laugh out loud more than once. Must be a good one!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

32/365 -38/365

I'm way behind in posting my daily photos because my freakin' computer has been invaded by viruses. So I spend almost every other day scanning my computer. But. I. Think. It has finally been resolved.

So here are my photos from the past week.....


Sofi and I made valentines for her pre-school class. I used Nancy Kubo's digital designs.


Sofi and I had a little photo shoot, taking advantage of th 56-degree weather so I'm including two of my favorite shots.


Sofi has inherited Jamie and my affinity (addiction for the computer). Here's a host of her mousing around on top of my mousepad.


Sofi had a tumble on the way home from the park. She was walking with her hands in her pocket and fell face-first on the pavement. Ouch!


Photo action: PW Define and Sharpen, Sunlight 70%, Quick Edge Burn

I took my friend Hailee and her daughter out for cupcakes. This is a shot of Sofi eating her first (of two) mini cupcakes.


Photo action: Pioneer Woman, Heartland

I wearing a cute maternity tank I got from my friend Maegan. Of course I had to take a in-the-mirror-self-portrait.


In an attempt to declutter some scrapbooking supplies, I found some of this American Crafts paper with thought bubbles. I decided to cut out each one much to Sofi's delight. She held one up to her mouth and starting adding her thoughts :)